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Future webcast shows

Tuesday May 17th 8:15PM CT

Featuring Ken Markovic facebook page
and Chris Tobin Soundcloud – New EP

Future venue shows

Past media

Webcast – Ken Markovic (Sunspots) with Chris Tobin (Summer ’15)

Webcast – Ken Markovic (Santa Monica)

Music video – Ken Markovic (Santa Monica)

Taylor Guitars used – Ken Markovic (Santa Monica) and Chris Tobin (Summer ’15)

HD remix of Peter Nordberg webcast

Halloween Special with John Alderson and Chris Tobin

JKI webcast

JKI 3PM CT Webcast

they are back!


jki Webcast – Saturday October 4th 3:00PM Jordon Macarus and band – original member of winterhawk (it rocks!) Great rocking trio ! www.jordanmacarus.com

Peter Nordberg Peter Norberg
Tuesday September 9, at 5 PM CT
Great well known songwriter from Sweden on tour youtubepeternordberg.comfacebook pageIn the Press

Thursday September 11, 8 PMExcellent local band

facebook page

HD produced Endless Borders

PateraKoriWednesday August 27th 8:00PM CTElissa and Soterios Metropoulos – great indie songwriters

Also appearing is OdysseyCC featuring Chris Tobin and John Aldersonwww.facebook.com/PateraKori

Facebook Event page past webcast highlights here

jki Past – Saturday July 19th 6:30PM Jordon Macarus and band – original member of winterhawk (it rocks!) www.jordanmacarus.com

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