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Our studio provides producers with an affordable, feature rich environment for both audio and video projects. Media2 offers competitive pricing on production, post-production and distribution of your media.

Offer your clients:

  • Convenient Location
  • Wide range of media options
  • Web promotion and marketing
  • Rent by the day and record many clients.



With recallable audio and lighting scenes, easy studio access and a variety of musical equipment available, Media2 is the ideal studio for your video and audio need.

Our services don’t end at Production:

  • Audio/Video Engineering and mastering
  • Media sales and delivery
  • Cloud and Physical media products



Video content is an essential business asset. With full business sets, teleprompter and green screen production, you can produce professional videos for your business. Media2 has a variety of production options to fit any any budget, and clients enjoy a large production area and green room.

Business services include;

  • Multicam production
  • Real-time webcast
  • Promotional video Design


Reach out to fans with fresh content fast

Setups are fast and easy and can be saved for future sessions.


Studio Gear / Equipment


Sony HD cam, green screen and rear projection. Green Screen webcasts are projected on a studio monitors.

Offer your clients:

  • DVD
  • Web clips for youtube and vimeo
  • Easily webcast timely events
  • Rent the studio for the day and record several clients sessions.



With recallable audio and lighting scened, easy studio access and a variety of musical equipment available, Media2 is the ideal studio for your video and audio need.e

State of the Art sound recording using Presonus Studio one with 5 discreet Artist monitoring mixes;

  • Record 16 tacks of audio with stock or custom EQ/ compression settings per insturment or voice
  • Use audio mix for webcast
  • Save session audio for mastering and distribution



Push the Roland V-4EX Webcasting Capabilities to the max over a 50 MB Comcast Business Internet connection.

Webcasting live Events can capture the energy of the event and is put live on the internet (normally with a 30 second delay).

  • Multicam production
  • Near real time webcast
  • Create shows for future distribution (you can webcast and record audio/video at the same time)



See the detailed gear / equipment list by clicking here

Chicagoland’s Premier Multimedia Studio

studio scene

Imagine being able to manage all aspects of your production from production to delivery – Media 2 Studio provides you with all the tools you need to produce and deliver your content. Whether you are a producer, artist or business, Media 2 Studios can help you with your digital content and marketing.

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We offer video production services for artists, businesses and can produce for any kind of occasion. Whether you want to stream your content over YouTube or create a high-res video, we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done!


See the detailed gear / equipment list by clicking here


We proudly offer the latest in studio recording technology – our configuration is centered around the PreSonus Studio Live 16.4.2 console, complete with in-ear monitoring and Studio One editing.


See the detailed gear / equipment list by clicking here


High Speed multi HD cam broadcasts on the Google network and others


See the detailed gear / equipment list by clicking here


After your content is produced, use our distribution network to publish and sell your media on some of the most popular channels like iTunes, Spotify and more!




Our professional staff can provide support and production services for you – whether you are looking to record, broadcast or need post production services, we have all the resources to make your project a hit!



1.5 hours
  • All Equipment
  • global broadcast on google hangouts
  • SD webcast video / up to  16 channels audio
  • 1.5 hours
  • produced HD web media audio/video

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Chicago is a great town for video and music. The studio is located 15 miles west of town in Westmont near major expressways and trains.
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